Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A long time ago this was a working engine. It did its job and then left to decay. I guess its value wasn't even worth it's weight in steel.

Part of a small set of yard tools for the local electric company, it would have shuttled flat beds of transformers and other heavy material to their locations.
One would think another job can be found for such a lonely switcher...

Set aside along with the other simple yard tools it sits and gathers rust, targets for passing teenagers wanting to use it for target practice.

It sits on a corner of the property, proudly standing over the corner keeping an eye on the stop light and traffic.

Someday maybe this old Whitcombe Switcher may find a better home. For now its guarded by the stuffed animal brigade.

Jan 2013: Alas, since our windy storm "Sandy" hit us, our public works company cleared the lot to make room for replacement equipment. The little engine that did is now gone.... (:-(    (Tom Rose pic)